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    Hair grew back on his balding head and his cataracts were replaced slutw deep blue eyes. He smiled, and she could see his yellow and brown stained teeth. She stiffened as he licked her clitoris, sending sparks of electricity through her aroused body. But every stroke of his cock into the nurse drew from her vitality, and soon he was fucking her with long, powerful strokes. Her mouth hung open slackly, exposing teeth that had obviously been neglected for many decades.

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    You are probably wanting to know how can mature woman satisfy a man?! She reached down to check his pulse and had difficulties finding it. Katherine worked the night shift, something she had started doing when her children were growing up so that either she or her husband would be home with them. She moaned and mewled in response. His clawed hand reached out to hers and closed on it, slowly drawing her hand toward his crotch. She swirled her tongue around the head and was rewarded with a moan from Mr Smith. Smith began to fuck her, slowly at first, almost as if he were in pain.

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    He bent forward and kissed her, his tongue sliding into her mouth, intertwining with hers. He climbed between her still spread legs. As a result, the admitting office had been closed.

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