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    Furthermore, dissociation tendency is a predictor for the development of PTSD in response to ipg4 experiences [ 3536 ]. Maltreated or sexually abused schoolchildren have a much stronger tendency towards dissociation than non-maltreated children [ 37 ]. Extreme familial psychosocial stress and a tense family atmosphere are both factors that appear to potentiate this tendency [ 3839 ].

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    Somatization, body and sensory perception Among chronically traumatized individuals, body perception is frequently impaired [ 40 ]. Good body perception is necessary for recognizing, processing, and expressing emotions [ 41 ]. In traumatized individuals, perception of pain during tense conditions is diminished [ 4243 ], and auditory perception is impaired [ 44 ]. Overall, body perception, sensory perception, experience of pleasure, and ability to focus on positive sensory perceptions such as taste and music are clearly underdeveloped in affected individuals.

    Furthermore, there is increasing evidence that PTSD is not only associated with a higher vulnerability for comorbid mental disorders but also with an increased incidence of psycho- somatic disorders [ 4647 ]. Many traumatized children suffer from severe sleep disorders [ 4849 ]. Self-injury, high risk behavior, and sexual abnormalities Non-suicidal self-injury [ 50 ] and suicidal behavior [ 5152 ] constitute the symptoms most strongly linked with Chat chat dating jpg4 icdn teens and depression, particularly sexual abuse. Given the high prevalence of self-injuries among adolescents, periodical and repetitive self-injuring behavior should be regarded separately since it is unlikely that the majority of adolescent self-injurers share a history of traumatic events.

    Interestingly, repetitive self-injury has been reported more often in adults with a childhood history of sexual abuse, whereas intermittent self-injury appears to be more frequently associated with physical abuse in childhood [ 53 ]. Nonetheless, a meta-analysis of 45 studies on the association of sexual abuse and self-injury only found a relatively weak relationship between self-injury and sexual abuse indicating that sexual abuse ceased to explain the variance in self-injurious behavior if the studies were controlled for other psychiatric risk factors [ 54 ].

    Other studies described a relationship between self-injury and traumatization [ 5556 ]. A recent review suggests that the association of child maltreatment and self-injury varies according to the type of maltreatment [ 57 ]. Weierich and Nock showed that PTSD symptoms mediate the relation between sexual abuse and self-injury [ 55 ]. Self-injury probably functions as a support of emotion regulation and disrupts dissociative states and the emotional tension related to regulation of emotion [ 58 ]. Neurobiologically, self-injury can be seen as an attempt to alter the state of the autonomic nervous system that has been pushed to an extreme state by reminders of traumatic events [ 59 ].

    Among all psychological disorders, post-traumatic syndromes are most closely related to suicidal ideation and are associated with the highest suicide rates. PTSD symptoms like flashbacks, nightmares and intrusions were reported to be significantly associated with tension, dissociation and self-injury [ 5358 ]. The literature concerning the association between a history of traumatic events and suicidal behavior is particularly consistent. Children who have experienced sexual abuse seem to be more preoccupied with their sexuality, show more sexualized behavior, and may exhibit compulsive masturbating behavior [ 6162 ]. Several reviews suggest that impulsive high-risk-behavior in adolescents e.

    In particular, early substance abuse is likely alongside impulsivity and psychosocial risk factors [ 64 ]. Difficulties with executive functions and the regulation of attention Studies in heavily deprived Romanian orphans showed that without a minimum of stimulation during the sensitive phase of development, cognitive development is sustainably impaired [ 65 — 67 ]. Executive functions, such as attention span, distractibility, and the ability for serial structuring and making plans are particularly affected.

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    However, there is a clear distinction between these traits and the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD [ 6768 ]. The work Cjat around Michael Rutter analyzed the intelligence profiles of traumatized and neglected Romanian residential care children after adoption by families in the United Kingdom and noticed that these children show deficits in their executive functions [ 6568 ]. Are not you a robot?: VR for Future Education. I am a beautiful girl, I can seem pretty and defenseless, but when I need to stand up for myself and not give myself offense I will be able to do it. Why don't u have any oTher friends?

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