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    Sexy teacher left with sunken holes for boobs: 'My house is a boner-free zone'

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    Some halter bras are also convertible bras. Used bob the Saf-t-Bra. See Sleep bra below. Extends from the boog to the waist, offering additional abdominal control witth smoothing of the woman's torso. Distributes support over the entire lower torso instead of just the shoulders. Worn by men with enlarged breasts. Usually designed to uoles and conceal the breasts rather than to lift and support them. Designed to hold a breast prosthesis that simulates a real breast. Suitable after a mastectomy. A full-cup design with wider shoulder straps for maximum support and to reduce bounce. Intended to be worn during pregnancy.

    A practical design that uses comfortable fabrics that minimize irritation. May be adjustable to allow the cup size to expand as pregnancy progresses. Designed to accommodate women who have undergone surgery like mastectomy or breast reduction. Designed to de-emphasize the bosom, it compresses and reshapes the breasts. A practical design for large busts. Often compared to a contour bra. The cups are pre-shaped without seams providing a natural, smooth, rounded look under tight fitting clothing. Some are unpadded and may not include an underwire.

    A fashion bra designed for appearance holse sensuality. May include unusual materials, like wkth or feathers. Includes unusual designs like the open-tip, peekaboo, or peephole bra that feature holes or slits in the fabric that reveal the areolas and nipples. Usually made of sensuous material like Lycranylon nylon tricotpolyestersatinlace or silk. Suitable for erotic situations. When defining a style, see Adhesive bra above. When defining a color, it uses material that matched the skin-tone of the woman. Like its sister the maternity bra, this is a practical bra designed with full cups, comfortable fabrics, and wider shoulder straps for increased comfort.

    Cups with holes Plastic boob

    Designed to support increased breast size during lactation. Aids breastfeeding boob providing flaps or panels that can be unclipped and folded down or to the side, exposing the nipple. Some designs utilize stretchable fabric allowing the bra to be pulled to one side to facilitate nursing. Designed to enhance perceived bust size and cleavage. The lining of the cups is thickened and enhanced with shape-enhancing inserts or foam padding inside the entire lining of cup.

    Some ne bras see above voyage pas to be removed, making a strapless bra. This type of bra is intended to cover up well i. Clipside G-String A g-string with a snap together voyage at the front of each hip.

    Padded bras support the breasts but, unlike push-up bras see beloware not intended to significantly increase cleavage. Sometimes known as U-plunge bra if they are particularly plunging with a distinct u-shaped opening between the breasts. Allows for lower cleavage. Designed with angled cups and an open and lowered centre gore. The shoulder straps are usually set widely apart. Also suitable for swimwear, even for women with fuller breasts. See Full-support bra above. Reinforce correct spinal posture and alignment. A fashion bra that creates the appearance of increased cleavage. In the meantime, milk collection shells can help. What are breast milk collection shells?

    Milk collection shells are worn over your nipple to collect leaking breast milk, ensuring that not a drop that leaks during feeds goes to waste. Medela milk collection shells are made from skin-friendly materials and shaped to your body, making them comfortable and discreet to wear. When to use milk collection shells You can wear milk collection shells during breastfeeding to catch leaking milk as described above, as well as between feeds to avoid wet patches. Just remember to remove them every two to three hours and let your breasts air-dry, as this prevents any excess moisture damaging your nipples.

    And avoid wearing breast shells in bed at night, as this can cause skin tenderness — you could try disposable nursing pads to absorb heavy leaking breast milk instead, or Ultra thin disposable nursing pads if your flow is lighter. Arm Warmers Gauntlets that sit just above the elbow. Babydoll Usually made from a sheer fabric, a Babydoll is cut to form to fit around the chest, the fabric gradually circling out to sit just below the bum. Backseam A noticeable seam running up the back of both legs, if full hose continuing to the top.

    The backseam tends to be opaque against a sheer leg or adorned with little bows along the seam. Once the only way hosiery was made, the backseam gives hosiery a classic look. Boobout Term used when there is no cup covering the breasts. Some boobout items have covered underwire to support the breast but the entire boob is still exposed.

    Boobout Crotchless Teddy A teddy where lPastic breasts are exposed and the crotch is open. Boy Shorts Short waisted, short straight shorts that hoob off just under the bum. Briefs Undies or bottoms that cover both bottom cheeks. Bustier A garment that is often strapless, worn around the breast and back for shape and support as an undergarment. Quite often today it is also worn out on its own. Camisole Sometimes refered to as a cami, it is a soft cup short under tee.

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