• Old antenna hookup

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    How to Convert a Rooftop Antenna to Digital Reception

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    I pulled some of the yookup off and there are 4 wires: Red, Yellow, Green, Black. I'm sure this wire was run into the house at some time years ago, because it is hanging right next to the hole where cable enters my house.

    I have no idea how those 4 wires were hookpu to connect to a TV years ago. Is there any way Olv use this wire to connect to a balun or some other device so I can connect a coax cable? Antenma probably connected to a control box with a knob that allowed the antenna to be turned from inside the house. You will probably have to bring the antenna down and connect new coax to it. Then re install the antenna. Essentially a flat sort of cable with the two wires in it, within the edges. They either end in the U-shaped connectors that you see in the pic I've linked to, or, quite often, are cut with some of the insulation stripped and the bare copper wire exposed.

    Hookup Old antenna

    The ends, regardless of whether having the U-connectors or just the bare wire, would be wrapped gookup two screws on the back of the TV that were marked for the antenna, specifically Angenna - and possibly VHF. But even if your house already has an antenna in the attic, or an old one attached to the roof, you can still use it for digital and HDTV. These older antennas will have a ohm, dual lead flat connector, or something that looks like a mile of the brown wire running through your walls, and home. Once you have all the supplies, read on to learn how to wire a rooftop TV antenna.

    Make sure the antenna is securely attached to the house. Be careful climbing on the roof. Locate the pair of bolts in the middle of the antenna, somewhere, it varies by model that don't connect anything together.

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    They are usually longer than the rest. These antenha the attaching bolts for the cable and the output for the signal. Disconnect any of the dual lead flat wire, if it's attached to your antenna. Connect the matching transformer to the two bolts, using lock washers and nuts of the appropriate size.

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