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    With just four words, the deeply textured spiritual lives of millions of past college students are dismissed. There is much of this sort of thing—the other side comes in for scorching critique, but does not merit so much as a stray reference in the endnotes. See, in particular,34, 43, 47, 69,and Every Christian leader, educator, and university administrator should take stock of these corrosive trends. Wade and I fully agree that polyamory is presently leading to all sorts of suffering and sadness and warping of young people. But from this point we go opposite directions. In short, Wade believes that students will thrive by fully embracing boundaries-free sexuality. I believe students will thrive by fleeing such a culture.

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    Fleeing Paganism for Christ What does flight look like today, thought? To Freee may students go? To the local church, an outpost of gospel grace in the pagan wilderness. In a sexualized age, evangelicals need to create and champion localized purity cultures organized around a big vision of God.

    In sermons and discipleship, men must hear an ethic that calls them not fotser indulge their base lusts, but to kill them in Christ. They must cease to be passive fostrr and become godly leaders. At the same time, our local churches and ministries must reach out to young women. They will not be happy when they sin and when they buy in to pansexuality, but when they pursue the Lord. Their bodies are not made to be offered up to the coarse lusts of anonymous men in beer-soaked halls, but fosyer the gladness of God. This is true of everyone. Single men and women have a tremendous opportunity to show the world that our worth and identity is not found in sexual activity.

    Men and women called to marriage—the majority of people—need to hear that we do not want young men and women to abandon their interest in sex. I am not a fan of religion because I see too much hate between religions. I just do my own thing. Oh, and I love my family! Seinfield and The Office are two of my favorite shows. Although, I don't want much TV since I'm usually doing something else like golfing or swimming. I love to drive fast. I may be 20, but, I am determined to be successful in my future. I have dreams of going to school for Sports Management, whenever that may be. I love to travel, a lot. I recently just went to Europe and I am very ready to go back.

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