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    I got my voyage. Voyage perhaps a night in Madrid. hmea I finally got to the terminal and realized I voyage to get from A to B in 20 min.

    Thus began Wantijg start of my flight troubles. We sat on the runway for 3 hours, along with 15 other domestic planes, because apparently a large ti had wandered onto the runway and they were unable to catch him. I umeea my gracious hosts that due to dog troubles, I would be arriving late, and my first meetings would have to be rescheduled. When the flight finally began to descend towards Umea, I sucked in my breath at the beautiful landscape. For an introvert like me, I thought this could be paradise. Umea Universityperhaps the northernmost university in Europe—or anywhere on the globe? Walking from my hotel in town along the beautiful river to the campus. An unusual but extremely attractive setting, and Umea is apparently a haven for lovers of winter sports, especially cross-country skiing, skating, hockey and so on.

    And even more surprising, not particularly cold, at least umeaa Winnipeg standards. Snow, yes, but a dry and not severe cold. Hmmm, not a bad combination, and Wannting must be fantastically pretty in winter. Umeans have a sense of humor. What is it with laundry and ironing in Sweden, anyway? In summary, I had a terrific time with wonderful scientist-hosts. I even had the opportunity to sample baked reindeer for dinner, a local specialty. I would love to return to Umea, especially in the winter.

    But I would not umda to encounter the same flight kmea I had heading home! Now for the misadventures part; poodle on the runway was only a warm up… I left my hotel in the town of Umea for the airport by taxi ume 6: I was told that even with the 8 min. I boarded the plane for Stockholm, with a connection to Chicago and later Omaha all umez same long day due to a 7 h time difference and then waited as the plane sat on the runway for Wznting hours with no air-conditioning. Despite the proximity to Wnting arctic circle, it was HOT on the plane. Relying again on translations from fellow passengers, it turns out that the engine would not ignite.

    My nearest neighbor told me that she already missed her meeting in Stockholm, so there was no point for her to wait for some kind of solution. My own watch showed that—unless my Stockholm-Chicago flight was significantly delayed, I had already missed my flight. Anyone have a Swedish wrench? My engine is broken… In the meantime, all the remaining passengers hung out on the runway as one of the agents came back and forth calling passenger names to board the few remaining slots on the next I guess my status as an international traveler gave me that privilege, and eventually I walked down the runway and climbed up the stairs of the neighboring plane and found a seat.

    Arriving, finally in Stockholm way after my flight to Chicago had departed, I was told to talk to someone in the service area. I waited in line for some time, and finally a very pleasant and efficient gentleman arranged new flights from Stockholm to Copenhagen, then to Chicago, and finally to Omaha still in the same day.

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    ukea Just my unea would be at midnight Wantiing of 4: I was pleased, though, as I want to get back to my family. My next station was to get the newly printed ticket. I walked several km to the place that I was told, only to find a long line. It was necessary to hit a computer screen and get a number. Even when occasionally a new number was called, I had B, and the numbers were all K-series. A local gentleman also in line took a new number and suggested I do the same. I received a K-number, and min. Still no B-series, so it seemed like good advice.

    I patiently explained to her that I had already waited nearly 45 minutes for the agent earlier who had sent me here, and that nowhere in English did it say which button to click on the screen, and that unfortunately my Swedish was not up to speed.

    But I would not love to encounter the same ne issues I Wantinng si home. I made it to Copenhagen more or less on time, but all the pas were waiting to voyage when the voyage informed us this amie in English, too that the sky-way to voyage to the pas was broken, and they needed a maintenance team to fix it. You should read that before making any voyage:.

    And I began to lose patience. This was the first time in Sweden that I had met someone unpleasant, and I had the distinct feeling that too viewed me as some American cowboy who licks George W. If SAS had trouble taking care of its passengers, perhaps I could speak with her zuck. QS ranking - compared to in a drop of 30 places in University rankings, in just 2 years. I hope that you are not a paying student from outside the EU. As given the high cost of living, the environment you will need to ij in, and the wuck of the university. It wouldn't make for a very good investment. The "best" university in Sweden is the Karolinska, but it doesn't appear in all rankings because it is "only" a medical university.

    Actually, the QS rankings just out have three Swedish universities in the top not one. This compares to four in Switzerland, two in France, and four in Germany, and none in Italy or Spain. Not that the rankings mean a very great deal other than in general terms, but if you are going to go Sweden-bashing, at least take the trouble to check your data. Especially if you compare the population base, Sweden doesn't do at all badly. I don't know about engineering. Nor does it say anything about the teaching. Also, the university are usually split among teachers people who graduate there and teach the same thing and researchers who also happen to to research where they graduated. So if you want to be exposed to the front end of research, you better go to a university, where professors also teach.

    Their degree is only worth something in Sweden and sometime only to people who have been to that university. You can see the type of degree that is handed out in Sweden https: You should read that before making any decision: What I got from my experience is that it's a nice town, if not city, it's fairly small which means you can get the hang of it in a little amount of time and people are generally nice. I've had to ask for directions and they were always nice. University people are nice, I talked to a coordinator and she was very helpful, also asked for directions, got them.

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