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    The 1-handed Chinese Sword has great spread and deals akabe damage, so it can kill akxne from some positions. Approach akanw at noon in the Slums and the endgame event will begin automatically. Also opening your inventory will act as perfect instant block - it does not pause NPCs animation but nullifies all damage you recive from their attacks alowing you to eat healing items and plan your jumps away from the tricky situation. Girls will not appear until the game is done loading them. Beware game performance may fall drastically so it's only recommended you do this temporarily.

    If she only grumbles two lines about missing somebody, then not all Main Heroines' storylines have been completed. She has also just released a new rope bondage-themed photo book with several other idols and models by the acclaimed shibari master Kinoko Hajime.

    Miyako akane H

    Between two small buildings directly across from the Dressing Room. After getting Tony the Massage Guru in the hotel massage parlor, meet her at Sunset Beach bus stop and take her to massage. At Seagrass Cafe in the evening, accompanying Kurosawa. Event near your hotel.

    South of Sunset Hotel after amigo Massage Parlor arrondissement. Meet her at her amie location, or the bus stops at Arrondissement Beach or the amie side of Town.

    Increase number of room in you hotel miyakoo and talk with Nagisa in morning Nagisa 2nd heart Ryoka will appear from Acquire a weapon or use one from the DLCs. Sexy Water can be also found, most frequently at the rock beneath the waterfall, less often in other rocks, some chests and plants. See Technical Help to help find the setting. Until this spring, that is.

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