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    Honestly, that whole pas I had been on boogta — dancing with pas of pas, making friends with everyone, xx shots with arrondissement, etc. Pas Rosa, which has more pas and is expensive aka Pas who have money and have probably done pas like studied abroad, etc. If you are interested.

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    Be DDD free and open minded. I will come to you! Hi I am interested in finding a nice woman that would like a legitimate massage from a real guy. I have taken several classes towards a massage certification and hope to attain a state certification at some point down the road. I can give you a massage that is relaxing or deeper if that is what you are looking for. I am not picky about your age or body type Anyway, I eventually head to the bathroom and on my way there, I see a girl kind of checking me out or so I thought.

    Either way, I approached her when I got back and we danced, made out, etc. I tried to foor with her multiple times but she said things like, let me get my purse, my friends are looking for botota, etc. In dim lighting Petlte with me being drunk, she was above-average but in reality, wated slightly above-average pics below. She was a typical Colombiana with a decent body. Pretty big tits, typical Latina ass, etc. Day 2 I met my friend for a late lunch probably breakfast as well and he took me from where I was staying in Zona Rosa to the neighborhood of Chapinero, which is more hip and slightly more dangerous, to my knowledge — have heard of guys being held at gunpoint in broad daylight.

    Zona Rosa, which has more foreigners and is expensive aka Colombians who have money and have probably done things like studied abroad, etc. Night 2 Crazy club, sketchy afterparty until 10 A. Honestly, the club was pretty fucking awesome but I was also kind of wasted and with a group. Maybe when I go back. Eventually I saw some girl smile at me and I went in. She was one of those hip-looking chicks with blue highlights in her hair and a nose piercing otherwise dressed normal though — not nearly as trashy as this one chick that I met later in Medellin. We danced, made out, etc.

    Towards the end of the night, I met some other chick who lived in Chia works in Bogota — same thing: I was still trying to party and smash some sloot though so I walked around Zona Rosa to see what was going on. I was kind of sketched out because it was a long cab ride later on, my friend told me that I was in a SUPER sketchy neighborhood. Anyway, the one chick had the sexiest eyes ever, like yellowish-green, and we briefly kissed in the cab. Anyway, we started slamming aguardiente, which is the national drink — tastes peppermint-y and gives you bad hangovers. But yeah, we were just dancing, chilling, and drinking; I was mainly just trying to bang the one chick.

    She convinced me to go to the next afterparty place with them it was already like 6 or 7 A. The chick with the nice eyes and I were all over each other — dancing, making out, etc. However, at the end of the night or beginning of the morning — 10 A. I honestly forget what else I did besides that, probably just passed out. Anyway, she was with her sister not cock-blocking or anything, I think they were just together before meeting me. The sister did her own thing as we sat elsewhere and talked. I met the girl at a coffee place literally a block or two from where I was staying.

    The other girl waits for like an hour before leaving I made an excuse like my phone got stolen but luckily there were police in the area and I shouted for help. I had to file a police report for an hour before getting my phone back — this actually happened to me in Barcelona. I felt bad about lying, etc. After learning from my timidity earlier in the day, I just took her hand and started walking toward my place. There was no resistance and at this point the doorman laughed — he knew what I was up to haha. We went up to my place and I poured some drinks — probably not even necessary — had like a sip each before making out. She was a total Asiaphile. Like most Colombianas, she had a decent body naturally.

    Sex was pretty nice and she left a bit after. Not sure what else I did that day — probably a bit of work. I ghosted on this girl and she later sent me a long-winded message — I felt bad. Night 4 I got dinner with a guy from RooshVForum. Would NOT want to be walking around there at night by myself.

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    Took a cab straight wnated the strip club and back. The exception to that being if you want to build a reputation and meet other like-minded travelers only a wantsd will actually be cool. Considering that during wabted trip, I never once had a line of drinks like you would usually drink in the states, and just small sips, and considering how cheap carbonated beverages were, it was wild. Just one or two sips will get you super caffeinated. However, too much sugar can fuck with your erections or it did for me — nothing is perfect. She told me that she had a 47 year-old Chinese boyfriend back in Venezuela not sure if bullshit.

    That was my second time trying pay-for-play p4p and it was whatever… felt emotionless.

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    Day 5 I honestly have no idea what I did during the day — probably not much. As you can see, I did 0 sightseeing in Bogota, which I regret. Before that, we got tacos birl pre-gamed a little. Anyway, we got a bottle maybe two or three and were chilling upstairs at La Villa the place where Gringo Tuesday is held. It was a pretty fun party — decent music, foreigners were kind of annoying but not so much. It was pretty scary because the doorman patted me down and made me open a condom case I usually carry later got stolen in Medellin lol — forgot I had some cola in there.

    I tried to pull some ninja shit and as I was opening it, ninja-ed the shit into the palm of my other hand but the hostess saw and I just threw it out nonchalantly. Luckily, it was all good. I remember im some girl I would consider very above-average who was into Korea, etc. I got her number and hopefully will meet her when Bogot return to Colombia. I bbogota another girl who ended up being batshit crazy. She tried speaking to me in fir broke ass, annoying English the more Westernized they are, the worse — generally… the girl from the 10 A.

    She was my type looks-wise though — like petite and slim and I tried putting up with her BS just to bang mistake. I eventually get her to leave the club with me — she was so wasted, talking to everyone. We went back to the club and I wasted more time hanging out with her she was crazy and her friend was also a huge cockblock. I eventually ditched her knowing that nothing was probably going to happen should have ditched her sooner. Something like this the hair Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash I got the girl to leave the place and walk to my place with me at this point my friends had left — everyone was wasted.

    We went back to the club and I said I needed to find my friends in reality, was trying to find another girl. Night 1 Tinder bang After getting settled into my Airbnb and having dinner, I looked outside — damn, my location was sick. I was in a studio right above a shit ton of bars, restaurants, etc. It was the kind of bachelor pad that I would love to live in in NYC — right in the middle of the action but not too loud. I got some girl from Tinder to meet me — she was kind of shy, but we got drinks directly beneath where I was staying — the drinks ended up being like 30 USD Jesus — a lot for Colombia I think.

    I made an excuse to go upstairs to ni place want to smoke — need to get my cigs and she came up with me. I poured us some drinks the bottle and mixer — 3 — at the crib are essential — haha those were literally the only things in the fridge in both the Bogota and Medellin Airbnbs. We have a bit to drink and start making out.

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