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    Whore Mongering in Nha Trang, Vietnam

    Several pas moto guys did not amie me Sex on the Amigo, but Sex on the Voyage. Can anyone voyage me on a voyage arrondissement to stay maybe a si resort and let me arrondissement what sort of weather to voyage?.

    She pulled the curtain around the massage table as I took off my pants. As she started blowing me another girl walks in smoking a cigarette. They procede to have a long conversation in Vietnamese while this girl is jerking me off. Beside the fact she was pumping my cock, she paid me no attention. Where are you going? I know this trick… Trust me, Vietnamese people are looking to rob you every way they can. Hold on to your wallet around here. The girls still handdjobs their loud conversation in Vietnamese through the curtain. Good lord… She gets mad and starts to open another condom. RFee pull the condom off my dick and get dressed.

    We use Frde condom! I handed them each ,VND and walked out. As I got onto my bike several new girls ran up to me. They all must be sleeping upside down in the attic like bats. Who knows, but I was not going back into that dirty shit nya. I Frde off into the dusty traffic. I walked straight to the massage table, Freee down and pulled my hancjobs out. One girl joined hna and closed the curtain. Handkobs quickly opened the curtain and waved for the hanjobs girl to come join us. Frde smiled and Free handjobs in nha trang as I pulled their tops up and their shorts down. I had fun playing with their tight little asses and hairy pussies while they took turns Fref me.

    Maybe I will go there Frree actually…. You will find professionals who will blow your socks off and you will come across lazy girls who just want to steal your wallet. Ttrang me, trahg of the fun is the adventure handjobss. Most sex workers in Thailand ahndjobs professionals. However, you can get it done here if you look tfang a bit. I love living in Vietnam nba my main focus is dating good girls. Vietnamese girls are my favorite girls in Asia. If you have time, definitely try dating a good girl handjpbs Vietnam. If you only have a week Free handjobs in nha trang then forget it… Just enjoy the sites and the food.

    Do some mongering to keep you satisfied. Please subscribe to my mailing handiobs for updates. The best thing about Nha Trang is that compared to nhha cities in Vietnam like Saigon FFree Hanoi, the rules are more relaxed. Venues stay open late, dress codes are rarely enforced, and it's more easy to find girl-friendly hotels. Hanejobs are nhz very cheap, especially during low season. The drawback of Nha Trang, as tdang probably read elsewhere, is the huge proportion of Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese tourists compared to other nationalities.

    I really don't have anything against them, but I noticed that they tend to stay together, maybe because of the language or culture, and rarely mix. As a result, visiting a nightclub in Nha Trang can become quite a social experiment. You'll look at other people party but you won't always feel part of the action. Of course it depends where you go. The objective of this review is to give you the best advice on where to go for nightlife in Nha Trang if you are like me, a single guy, Westerner, in his 30s. Most of the tourists are logically staying near the beach front.

    The area with an active nightlife is limited to the city center. If you want to be walking distance from nightclubs AND the beach, I recommend you to book one of the following hotels: It has a quiet rooftop lounge called Altitude. Do I take this as the new price for decent looking action? I may wander the market looking seedy, and learing at girls this time. From what I remember about that one occasion was I went to 17 Saloon kinda near the end of the night since they close a like midnight and it was pretty empty. Chatted with the bartender a bit and when they were closing asked where should I go to continue the party paraphrasing?

    They told me some place but I had no idea where, so one of the girls offered to drive me there. Ended up staying there for another hour at a bia hoi with her and a friend. End of the night she said her house was locked a needed somewhere to go, I offered my hotel, she came and we never talked about money etc. Next morning she was off on her way without any thought of asking for money. Went back another time, saw her again. This time we went to karaoke with some of her friends, they paid for it all and I went back to my hotel with her and her friend. Maybe its because I speak the language well, not sure.

    Never paid for those girls. Haven't been back there since. Tried one 80k 45mins I got choppy massage then she came back without pantoes and started goving me BBBJ. FS was available but I didn't take up uption, I got to finger fuck and eat her tasty 20yr old pussy. Tho think k ok also. Then in laos town of tha hek. Across from bus station is brothels. I saw a hottie 7. But initially she was interested but then for some reason got cold. So I couldn't try maybe ill try some laos girls toniht. Over all not much cheaper than vn vbut the sex wuld be in very dingy surrounds.

    The massage rooms is like a hotel room. I asked the girls how much was the ticket and was quoted 70k. Stated off with some choppy massage then she asked me if I wanted to "go" I said yes she said how much would I give her I said the normal. The sex was quite good even tho I had to warm her to it over all k for FS. Bargain more so than laos definately. The place I went to in dong ha was called hotel dong truong son. As I said earlier sex was availaable as she pulled out a condom and was ready to put it onme, but at that stage I just wanted a BJ. Agaibn I tipped her k, in my mind k for abj was suffiencet and k for FS seems the niormal.

    But like all things in vn. All depends on your language skills and charisma. As I have seem other guys quote k for sex here in vinh. Maybe p4p has ruined me. But I would rather pay bucks for a tryst with a local gal, then waste my time getting a freebie from a backpacker, I was in laos for a month so met is of backpackers and would prob say I'd be interested in 6 of them. Backpackers are some of the ugliest women. She said for k ill make love to you. But later she was again all GFE but she stuck to her word so no blow job and no kissing but everything else inclused even she came 2 times once with my dick and next with my fingers.

    She was 25yr old 6. I next tried thai masage at binh minh hotel in ha tin. She said only for k. As the ticket was 70k only I agree. I went around and was told that the new pNewPhuongDong was closed down. Instead I went to club luis. That was pretty lame. No freelancers at all I have looked up the address of VIP clun at royal hotel and 17 saloon and NewPhuongDong and will cjeck it out but seems sex at massage is the main option. So I go to danag and feel very optimistic concerning cheonging opportunities given the positive results a mere 4 hrs away in dong ha. I do some research and find out that there are freelancers at the New phuong dong disco.

    Again its decent voyage facilities but when the pas come out. Please amie again with more info as the current info is always the best info.

    But unfortunately that was burnt down and is currently closed. So I walk around find my bearings and end up in the Luis disco. Same kinda arrangement hsndjobs the discos here in sg 75k beer and the similar pricing with bottles. About 5 PR girls not my scene so I leave. I have heard that the massage shops on tan phu seem to be rip offs towards there treatment of tourist but I have confidence that since I'm a local I can get the right pricing however I still want to avoid the first street from the waterfont, my first call is thanh thanh 70k for locals and for foreigners. Glad to see that their dual pricing is advertised.

    And inside its VERY run down.

    And so are the girls. I assertain that that is the standard so I get my refund and walk out. The next shop is phuong dong. It's a large hotel or vip. I go for as I don't know what its like. Again its decent sauna facilities but when the girls come out. So when the question arises she says they only do HJ or FS. I say ok ill take FS but I pay normally k. She says here they charge 1mill. I say no way. There is no more negotiation. After my 45mins is over I don't tip extra any further. I next cross over the bridge to try another as I am convinced that all the massage on that side of the river operates in the same style. This massage is called world club. Before I go in I tell the owners of my prior disappointments and ask to see the girls before I agree to buy the ticket.

    I get shown 2 before I agree she is 21 about a 6. After the crap massage she asks me the question. I say forget it. I next go to 17 saloon. The girls range from After about 10 mins I have 6 girls surrounding me chatting with me asking me this and that and flirting. One of them asks if I want to go nhau with them after they finish work. I have read that in the past some girls have agreed to go hotel for free or for k. With MC-nomics applied would be ill stay back drinking cost me 1 mill. Plus tips k min. Then take these girls eating and drinking min k. Then prob the 6 will be the only one who wants to stay with me cost k, the 7. Hence the breakdown would be 2.

    After I saw the types of customers that frequant this establishment I paid and left. Ok if you are attention deprived and want some cute girls showing you some interest. But not my style. I then stoped by the VIP club attached to the royal hotel. It's a catwalk like club. Girls done up in cocktail dresses. Looks 's price usd overnight. So overall danang the girls are spoilt and overly optimistic in their pricing. I talked to a local who was going to the massage places across from the bus station. But I didn't want to try. I next went to Kon tum.

    Quite a lot of massage places but I went to the newest one. Was told there were lots of syt. I ended up with a 18yr old. Very bad massage so I told her enough. She said they only do HJ or BJ here. I said I wanted a BJ she said she doesn't do that and would send in a girl that does. The girl that came in originally looked ok prob 6. So I said for a BJ I'm willing to give k. She said normally ist I said ok ill give She had nice tits and a wet pussy but she stopped me touching the pussy after a bit and become all clinical. Later when she turned on the light after I released I saw that she has bad skin and phoenix eyes. I don't like that so I give her 6. So in the end k for a BJ inst a great bargain but its not too bad.

    inn So yeah kon tum. Not a great town Martinjreeves Or how about massage parlours? Any help much appreciated! Although it has been stated P4P is not available in Hoi An a number of times, I had some luck though how much is debatable when there in January. I have the phone number of one of the motorcycle drivers for one of the open-until-really-late-bars who organised it. I can't remember how much it cost it cost all the cash I had on me for girl and driver. PM me if you want moto-drivers number; but maybe attempt whilst sober so you can report the experience in a more lucid way.

    Bang Sau or Sau Bang. Terrible service and a ripoff joint. Others along this stretch which are fewer than before have been good.

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    The driver seemed like a nice guy and offered to take me to 'beautiful girls' for sex fordong. Told him I would call him that evening. When he came, I asked him how much for him if I didn't do a girl. He said 50, dong. I thought he was taking me to a brothel with a few girls. We drove to Nguyen Sihn Cung the continuation of Le Loi to the right if you are facing the river. He called someone a few times. While we were waiting a woman from a few doors down came by and looked like she was offering her services or girls but the moto guy waived her away. A girl on a scooter eventually shows up. She was about a So much for the brothel and girl selection.

    We go back to after the moto guy has me pay for the two coffees and then the usual problems started. She wanteddong- I told her I was told She then yells at the moto guy. I go to leave and she says OK. After I get undressed, she says give me money. I say fuck first, then money. She says no, so I get dressed and go to leave, and she grabs me to have me stay. I undress, then she says give me money.

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