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    The locks took four years to build and required 2 million ln yards 1. The Great Blue Hole in Lighthouse Reef, a submerged cave some ft m in diameter and ft m deep, was originally explored by Jacques Cousteau, co-inventor of the aqualung. Great Inagua Long I.

    Isla de la Juventud Mayaguana Eleuthera I. An adult male measures around 2 inches 5 cm from beak to tail and weighs about 0. It is 28, ft mor just over 5 miles 8 kmbelow sea level. The first coffee seedlings were brought to Colombia in by Jesuit missionaries; today, Colombia produces overtons tonnes of coffee beans every year. The European Space Agency launch facility at Kourou takes advantage of the Earth s spin near the equator to gain 10 percent more payload than an equivalent launch at Cape Canaveral in the US. Formed by river deposits washed down from the Andes and Brazilian Shield, the Gran Chaco is virtually free of stones.

    It is composed of sand and silt sediments that are up to 10, ft m thick. The lagoon is miles km long and up to 40 miles 64 km wide, with an area of more than sq miles 10, sq km. The population of greater Sao Paulo is close to 22,, over twice the entire population of Portugal, the country that originally colonized Brazil in the 16th century. The famous statue of Cristo Redentor Christ the Redeemerbuilt on top of the ft m Corcovado Mountain instands ft 30 m tall and weighs tons tonnes. TheStraitofMagellanwasnamedafter FerdinandMagellan,whopassedthrough thestraitsduringthefirstcircumnavigation oftheglobein Ofthefivevesselsand menthatsetout,onlyoneshipand18 survivorsreturnedtoSpainafterthethree-year voyage.

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