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    Indonesian officials call for ban on 'pornographic' noodle packaging

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    It does not issue fines.

    It is the responsibility of broadcasters to censor the content they air. A few months later, a scene from the cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants featuring the character Indoneeian the squirrel was shown with her body blurred because she was wearing a bikini. An episode of popular animated Japanese cartoon Doraemon was also censored because one of the female characters was wearing a swimsuit. Such incidents have drawn the ire of many viewers, who have turned to social media to lambast both the KPI and broadcasters. It is not stated, however, whether the regulations also apply to animated characters.

    Indonesian porn Bikini

    The quality control department of television stations must decide whether a scene should be censored based on the code of conduct and broadcasting standards. However, because of limited space and budget, only 30 people can attend at a time. Nina Mutmainnah Armando, a communications lecturer at the University of Indonesia and an activist at the National Coalition for Broadcasting Reforms, says the system of self-censorship and warning letters is flawed. She criticises the KPI for cherry-picking which programmes become the targets of warning letters. Armando says the agency tends to issue warnings for what many viewers would consider to be trivial Bikini indonesian porn, while other issues such as breaches of journalistic ethics go unchecked.

    Armando agrees that the KPI needs to perform its duty of monitoring programmes, but adds that self-regulation within the media and entertainment industry has become ridiculous. For example, a swimmer in a swimsuit. That is an insult to our common sense. The television station later issued an apology. I think Indonesians are followers. They like to follow the current trends, such as women wearing hijabs. Sumanto Al-Qurtuby Not everyone is against strict censorship, however. Some parents argue that it is necessary to prevent children from watching programming that is inappropriate for their age.

    Aprima Supratiwi, an Indonesian homemaker, limits television time for her two daughters, aged five and six. She bans them from watching soap operas, but allows them to watch cartoons at certain hours. Censorship has become stricter since the antipornography law, he says. And yet there are countless adult sites that haven't been blocked and a vast array of DVDs on sale in malls and markets in defiance of the law, helping stars like Patrick generate a high local profile. That's at odds with Indonesia's creeping conservatism. The limits of the country's religious tolerance were laid bare in February, when a Muslim mob killed three members of the Islamic Ahmadiyah sect. A dozen mob members got three-to-six-month jail sentences for assault and other charges; an Ahmadi received six months for defending himself.

    A bachelor in his mids, he lives with his ethnic Indian parents in an incense-scented mansion in Menteng, one of Jakarta's toniest districts. The family fortune helps fund Dheeraj's films. As he does with all his movies, Dheeraj thanks his parents in the opening credits of Rintihan Kuntilanak Perawan, which was shot in secret in Jakarta and hilly West Java. Dheeraj went to the FPI's Jakarta headquarters to give its leaders a private screening. They didn't like it "They watched in silence," he recallsbut were satisfied that it wasn't porn, even though it featured a porn star.

    It's an indonesizn symbiotic relationship. At the time, Dheeraj vowed to hire 50 bodyguards to protect her but now claims there were never any plans to take Grey over. Read "Indonesia's Artists vs. Last November, during a U.

    A amigo mob members got three-to-six-month voyage pas for assault and other pas; an Ahmadi received six months for defending himself. PDI-P pas Made Arjaya said the bill could also hurt the lucrative tourism industry, which is still recovering from the ne pas on Bali in and.

    Vette called the incident "handshakegate" and began taunting the Minister on Twitter. Indonesisn boosted her profile but made a trip to Indonesia risky. Vette feared that people "would stone me or put me on trial for making sex tapes.

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